Blackwater Security offers a variety of security and investigative services for both business and residential needs. Our services are specifically tailored to meet our clients demands and requirements. 

  • ​Armed Uniformed Security​ Officers 

  • Uniformed Security Officers 

  • Vehicle Patrol 

  • Concierge Services 

  • Mobile Response Team 

  • Loss Prevention Agents

  • Private Investigations 

  • Special Events 

  • 24/7 Dispatch Center 

To Protect clients all around the world from the growing threat of criminal enterprises. 


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection around the world  for your company, employees, executives, and VIP clients.

Our Executive Protection Department is tasked with providing safety measures to High Profile Clients. Such Clients have an acquired position, coalition, graphical location that pose a greater threat. These accounts are taken into consideration when an assessment is made. 

  • High Profile Clients/ Celebrities

  • Off Duty Police Officers/Military Personnel  

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Threat Assessment 

  • VIP Motorcade ​

  • International Private Contractors

  • Corporate Protection/Events

  • Armed Security Officers 

  • Tactical Response Team 

  • Narcotics/ Explosives   K-9 Unit 


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